The NOT-Trump thread


that was honestly my first thought as well but it actually feels better to reserve judgement instead of being wrong later on.

when (or where) are people meming the shit outta this with the fact that a women couldnt even get a single kill despite being well-armed. I dont want to be the guy that points that out; i’d prefer to just laugh while browsing somewhere else with dudes discussing this.


Anyone who is upset enough about this to take action would knife attack out of spite. Using a gun just fuels the agenda.


So a vegan Persian chick goes on a shooting spree because she got her vegan/exercise/animal rights videos censored and demonetized by Youtube, the same company saying gun people are too violent so they have to take down gun videos.

Oh, and the cops were told BY HER FATHER that she had a vendetta against Youtube and she had been missing for 2 days. The cops found her sleeping in her car THE NIGHT BEFORE THE SHOOTING and despite being told she was probably heading to Youtube to do something bad were like, “We talked to her, she’s all good”.


^ Jay just knocked it out of the park.


She was the epitome of everything I hate about California.

Also (unrelated) now California wants to change the state policy on lethal force for PD…Jesus fucking Christ.


I mean this is clearly all made up. A middle eastern vegan woman used a gun in a gun free zone in one of the most gun controlled states and the police, who are the only people we need to have guns, were told it was going to happen? Didn’t happen. UNPOSSIBLE!




engine explodes… window behind the wing shattered, occupant dead.


no more window seats for me.


I feel like driving a lot more lately lol


my goodness when will this end…

so now a FEMALE MP is being accused of sexual misconduct by a man a bunch of years ago and it is impacting her career… honestly, i cant imagine a guy even bothering to speak of such a situation if not for how ridiculous things are getting


I have to say I’m enjoying her indignant response. Like, “How dare someone damage my career based on nothing but a claim this happened years ago with no proof. He didn’t even file a complaint back then.”.

Yeah ladies, welcome to the #MeToo world you created where a claim of impropriety is the only standard of proof needed to ruin someone’s life and career.


yes, exactly that.

I also really like how the article is featured in-line here… this is taking some getting used to but there are some great features.


she’s going public with her side now.

let’s just keep this top story on CBC for a while…


so yooo

mutual non-consensual sex.

guy wakes up from typical situation but then races and beats the girl to the title IX office and the chick gets suspended.

now add to that that this guy may have deliberately done this because she had done it to a friend of his.



FYI, as a follow up to earlier points, this came out today.

so, lesson is that only men can have their careers ruined by fasle accusations. women cannot.


i dont even know what to believe anymore.

first you see the headlines that she settled for an incident with a minor and it doesnt look good at all…

then you read that anthony Bourdain settled the case and it conflates all the bullshit around his suicide.

i think at this point i’d like to see the genie just put back in the bottle or something. frig.


The dude was 17. In 2/3rds of the US what she did wouldn’t even be illegal but she happened to be in CA where it was. Kid got to bang a hot chick then got greedy and wanted to get paid too.


this seems like it should be bigger news:


almost want to have a Bannon thread.

i happened across a couple long conversations or talks he has given recently but less than halfway into this one and I think it is the best and the most recent.

very interesting in that he names the names of the people and nations he is talking to, what he is talking about and how he is for controlling your own currency and support for digital currencies.


damn what this dude gets in to around the 15th minute. he is pro working-class and pro-millennial with unique take on china and elsewhere.