Eric Climo/Eric Brady/ who knows who... where is he

Has anyone seen him, know where he is, have any contact information? as a lot of people know he stole my RHD DC@ front clip back in like April. This has been such a run around pile of crap, who knows him, knows how to get a hold of him, or knows anything about where he is, where he works, anything. Bear minimum that clip is worth $300. If anyone knows anything i would greatly appreciate it if you could give me any information. I need money and he is a dirty whore of a scumbag motherf*cker. he’s probably :69: other little boys in jail and loving every minute of it. hope his wife has a cock or he got a raw deal.

who the fuc k are you and who the fuc k is Eric Brady?

Eric Climo, Eric Brady is a scammer in the local Honda community and is known for ripping off countless members of many national and local forums including this one. He was Lilgreenb18 on this board.

Do a search for his name or screen name and you will find countless boards full of people that he scammed.


who the fuc k am i? who the fuc k are you?

yes as everyone said he’s a scammer :crying: baby motherf*cker. I am wondering if anyone has any recent info on him. don’t tell me to search the internet either. i’m a member of every damn forum I can find that he has scammed on.

come on berad… you know you want to say it again to make it 7000 posts in my thread. lol

oh boy


Awaiting Darkstar n00b ownage…

there are honda parts worth 300 dollars!?!?!?

yeah body kits and stickers arent cheap

I really fail to see the crime here. Isn’t stealing a Honda front clip about akin to someone cleaning up a pile of dog**** in your front yard? I’m not sure the police would even consider it a crime, more like an act of compassion and kindness.

Get someone with a car capable of attaining high speeds to tow you and drive yourself into a brick wall.

Last I heard the rhd was sitting, ready to be picked up for months now.

you = lose

I just went in there,|and Hector is gonna be running…
…three Honda Civics with Spoon engines.
And on top of that,|he just came into Harry’s…
…and he ordered three T66 turbos,|with NOS…
…and a MoTeC system exhaust.
So, what are you saying?

apparently the thread starter is not nearly as wise as his female relatives, who all make sure to get the money up front.




wow you guys need to get a life. Last i heard he doesn’t pick up either of his phones, respond to any of his three emails that i have, respond to letters that i have sent him, respond to voice mails or text messages. And has made no attempt to get back to me. so if you know where/when i can pick it up since it is apparently “ready for months” then i would love to know. As for the honda cracks i’m sorry that you guys are so immature. What does this have anything to do with honda vs anything else anyway? wow what has this Forum come to :doh: Thanks for your time if you have provided any insightful information, if not no thanks for wasting mine.

If he purposly scammed you … and stole something from you … why the hell would be answer his phone, or respond to emails/letters??? :dunno: