Ever Have....

One of those moments when you just can’t take it anymore and you lose it? I just had one of those. I do feel a little better after the fact but man, I thought I could keep things under control pretty well but not tonight I guess. I think everyone needs one of these every once in a while… Any of you have a similar experience?

its fine, i usually lose it about once a month, i call it the man period :lol: its fine, ur not alone and yes it feels great after

I never really lose it. Maybe thats why im loaded with grey hair at 20…

I never lose it either but there have been a few things this week that have put me over the edge. You can probably guess the first one but combined with being up for about 35 hours straight, me fucking my back up, being broke because my car is a fucking pit for money and it being so goddamn hot outside, I couldn’t take it anymore. Usually jerking off helps quite a bit but not this time.

[QUOTE=RuBiCaNT… Usually jerking off helps quite a bit but not this time.[/QUOTE]o my, your in deep, u must have been pissed if that didnt help :lol:

I have those moments every once and a while because I keep everything inside until I just explode. :frowning:

I had one of those today with my dude… and now he’s cutthefuckoff for good…psychos:roll2:
But yeah my neighbor came upstairs and was asking if everything was alright… that’s how bad it got…over the phone… I frightened myself a little

^^^ dayum sounds like a bad deal.

but yeah ive had a few instances like that myself. seems its been more often since im in iraq but given teh circumstances i guess is understandable. neways, remember rubicant, your life isnt that bad, you could be me and stuck here LOL. i wouldnt wish that upon my worst enemy :bloated:

Every now and then that happens to me. Sadly with my rage, the closest wall usually gets a new speed hole, even though it never goes anywhere. I need to find a release myself, and I’m with Matt… jacking off usually doesn’t work when I hit my limit.

hope things work out for you…i think everyone has a certain level of tolerance and once that runs out…“man down” as Lee would say…good luck with everything!!

I have never had an angry moment in my life. Sorry I cant relate brotha.

Just fight stupid people, it makes you feel better

yup happened before, thats why i now have a hole in my bedroom door.

i get like that a lot. between school, work, and other random things i could go insane. but this is the reason i invested in a punching bag, its great to just pound the crap out of that for 20 minutes

Just had one a week and a half ago… My knuckles still hurt… the steel door tho seems ok.

i have no idea what you’re talking about matt.

i know i have never thrown furniture across the room… lol

go to the gym, and crank out crazy lift or get 15-20 with a heavy bag. that generally helps.

Working out helps alot. By the time your done you don’t have energy to be mad anymore. That sucks man I’ll buy you a brew.

i have torn muscles in my neck and back, a torn ligament in my ancle, both of my rotator cuffs are fucked up and my left is so bad i can push it out of the socket with one finger. i cant work due to the shoulders, and i have 400 in bills due 3 days ago, oh yeah, im also broke as hell…and jerking off hurts my shoulders… ill take ur life over mine. right now im bout as useless as chicken shit on a pump handle.

just remember…i still love you matt

what about meee?

no…this is all about matt…:lol: