Evo doing 180mph

with a twist…



AWESOME…Totally going so fast!

I saw this on rennlist last night. Fucking moron swerves to avoid a bird. You’d think people they let on a runway to do top speed runs would have an ounce of common sense. Or someone would’ve told them not to tweak the wheel at that speed.


That would suck, insurance claim :smiley:

Dinner is ready.

I want to see that other camera.

I wonder what the extent of the damage is besides a windshield.

I know at 60 mph my hood just smashed the windshield and no structural damage to the car.

Why would there be any structural damage the the car? Windshields are meant to break and cave.



hahaha thats great , bye bye birdy.

on the phone with insurance : “umm i was doing about 180mph and a seagull just poped up out of no where and my windshield kinda broke.”

but the bird just kinda did thing of just splattering on it

@ that speed anythings possible if it caught the a pillar.

But you can plainly see it didnt, it impacted in almost the center of the windscreen.



that scared the shit out of me lol.


It looked like it almost bounced off the hood toward the a pillar, but yeah anywho. HotRodKid’s pic clears all that up

Impact is still insane, I hit a bird in my Audi at like 65 and I think the bird got up and flew away haha.

it looks like the bird shit itself at the last minute

i saw him swerve and im like seriously dude? it woudla sucked if he swerved to avoid the bird, DID avoid it, and rolled his car