Evo Or Supra?

I was thinking about getting another car i was looking into a Evo or a Supra what do you guys think is the better car?

what do u want it for…DD…Drag…Auto-X

Evo for a dd Supra for Bj’s


mostly for drag.:headbang:

Now the next question is, how much $$$ do you have?

Supra…if u have the money

Even for Drag, I would take the Evo. You want to talk about what is going to hook up off the line? If you would have said, “What can I roll race with better??” Then I would have said, get the Supra… But of course I am biased. In addition to that, I would like to think the Evo mods are cheaper than the Supra variety (especially generation IV) but I am sure Poopra can comment on that since he has quite a bit… :wink:

If you want to run slicks at the track the Supra will be quick, but otherwise a mildly modded evo is going to spank it.

there both going to be $$$$ pits to make very quick n reliable. My heart is on the Supra <3 . I think the cheaper of the 2 would be the EVO.

Supra’s are sick, but good luck finding a nice TT with good miles on it.

Took Poopra 2 years.

you don’t even need a turbo car just find a non turbo supra and do it up :tup:

well i found a 1997 toyota supra for $7000 twin turbo 76k miles but it’s auto…


took dozer 2 minutes :slight_smile:


29 large and that’s probably still a good ways from reserve price, good luck.

[I’m just jealous because no matter what, I’ll always want a supra]

An STi is such a POS too… :roll:

lol thats not what im saying…its like, ok apparently you heart lesbians. no matter how much straight porn you watch, you’ll always be craving for girl on girl action. that was probably the worst analogy anyone could have come up with…


6 days left in the auction and its already at 29k. come on Tom.

Whats it gonna sell for 35k-38k. Thats insane for a car more than 10 years old that books for what 16-17k. Yeah, I know they are super rare and hot in a TT, 6spd, but who the fuck is gonna pay that kind of money from around Buffalo.

Unless you plan on running some sick auto tranny drag setup, the only supras worth talking about are mkiV TT 6spd.

They pretty much all do big money for low miles with the right options… got to pay to play!