exhaust/muffler shop

hey guys, i need a place to adjust my cat-back exhaust on my fd. it fitted fine b4 i had my bodykit on. now it that i have my bodykit on, it stick outwards over my muffler and now damaging my back bumper. i’m located in sarborough.here are some pics


ive always gone to a place in etobicoke its called hot rod scotts google it they do custom work pretty sick place. and good prices.

Are you looking to bring it back or push it forward ? Ill talk to my friend we might have some room in the shop for some cost effective side work.

i need it pushed out so that the smoke and heat don’t melt or damage my back bumper anymore. do you guys know i can get a over of some sort cover to put between my muffler and bumper?? any help is appreciated

Check on rhdjapan.com you can get a carbon fibre overlay to protect it but what I do it just grab some stick on thin aluminum and cut it out and sick it on looks tack but saves your bumper.

Heard nothing but Excellent things from this shop…

yeh Hot Rod Scotts is a great place to go. they do mostly hot rods of course but they are really nice and scott has always be of great help. i always take my cars there to get done. custom bent just the way you want it.

thankz guys mayb i’ll go check them out when my car is out of storage