FACEBOOK - Data Privacy & Zuckerberg Testimony on Capitol Hill


It’s incredible how much they’ve integrated FB into the rest of the web. Hell, there are people out there where FB is the ONLY thing they do on the web; it’s essentially their own little internet.

I’m not sure how much life FB has left to it, but I can’t see it going away any time soon for individual users. What I am seeing (reading) is more pages / groups talking about leaving for various reasons. The obvious problem with that is being able to reach those individual, lifetime / fully integrated FB users.


Facebook managed to portalize the internet in the same way that AOL did it many years back…It will eventually go back to distributed everything.

Google is doing something similar now owning Search/YouTube/etc


FB is essentially for old people to share chain email type pictures from the 90s, pictures of babies and the occasional semi-bigot comment from older millennials.


FB has changed for sure… so many people have moved over to Insta because you just virtue-signal instead of actually interacting with one another. However, FB is nearly indispensable what with their Groups feature. We have 5,500 members in the SON240sx group and its probably one of the biggest 240sx market places in the world. It’s hard to describe but FB is incredibly powerful for many use-cases still, moreso than it used to be.

But it isnt really for sharing with your closest friends by any stretch. Use real life for that




So… where are these fines they were originally talking about possibly being assessed to FB?


Right, so if you don’t like the post, you hit Yes and then it gets killed. Gee, great system.


Just saw my first Facebook commercial on TV… so weird. But it’s clear from the content that they’re trying to rehabilitate their image.


yo, link to the one you saw



So what politicians were paid off? Curious why no fines were ever assessed to Facebook after this situation. It came off as something huge, now it’s as if nothing ever happened and was swept completely off the table.




Not every day this happens. Privacy stuff is kicking their ass.

Facebook’s daily active users in Europe declined by 3 million amid the new regulation. Worldwide daily user growth for Facebook’s namesake service slid for its sixth straight quarter, bringing it to nearly 1.5 billion users in the second quarter.

The company said for the first time that more than 2.5 billion users interact with at least one of its apps each month, but analysts have said many of them are spending more time with Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Commercialization of those apps is nascent.