FACEBOOK - Data Privacy & Zuckerberg Testimony on Capitol Hill

I’m watching it now.

Mark is quite robotic, but that was to be expected. It’s a big show for him. Reminds me of the Toyota sticky gas pedal thing.

IMHO this is all being blown way out of proportion. Everyone should have know that the data was being aggregated and monetized in every way that has been exposed and many more ways that have not yet been exposed.

Nobody will care because they like memes more than they dislike their privacy abuse.

thus far Zuck is proving to be far more savvy than these senators asking the questions. the senators come off as being way out of touch and possibly not even understanding the basics behind what they are even asking.

I love the “examples of hate” the one senator just showed, lol.

Does this surprise you in the least? And yes, big shock that FB is using that data in every way they can think of. Did people honestly think a “free” site supporting over a billion users with tens of thousands of servers at multiple data centers wasn’t selling their data? Really?

ha, yeah. 100%

There is no way for those people to use these platforms in the way that they’re used by the average joe. As a public figure, even if they do use the app (which, they don’t. but let’s pretend they do.), there is no way for them to get the same experience that we all get.

If you don’t use the platform, and have never experienced it the way that we all have, there is no way for them to understand the nuances.

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To be fair, Facebook didn’t provide the data directly to Cambridge. Cambridge bought it from an “App Developer” that put out a “survey” app that granted too many rights to data. Users (as stupid as they are) granted those privileges to the App, so the App harvested the data they wanted. The App Developer then sold the data to Cambridge. Now, CA was probably behind the App all-along, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyone else think it is funny that a guy with social media background is getting questioned by 65+ yr old people who probably have never spent a single minute on social media?

Oh shit. Zuck just said he thinks Facebook can be responsible for content… this is not the law as written now.

This is pretty entertaining…

You run a site that makes money by SELLING DATA someone else built an app got data and used it now you’re mad.

He keep walking back the privacy piece saying you choose what goes on the site.

It sounded like Zuck said FB is going to be contacting page / group owners to verify their identity, determine where they live, etc. Anyone else catch that?



i didn’t watch the whole thing but from what i saw he did an excellent job.

the senators were largely respectful and Mark answered their questions reasonably.

this was all just a spectacle anyways… not sure that anything material will come of it.

Google is far worse and gets a pass

Probably helped that Google basically had it’s own private entrance into the White House during the last admin.



9% of facebook users are over the age of 65

that number shoots to 21% if you bump it to 55 and older, more 65+ people are on FB than 13-17 year olds

Facebooks saving grace is all the tied in apps that use it for authentication.

Younger generations don’t use Facebook so its only a matter of time before it runs its myspace course.