Falcon Heavy / SpaceX Launch



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explain like im 5

No more cell phone dead zones.

Hopefully more than t-mobile jump on it. I’m assuming they will if it actually launches.

I can’t wait to shove it up Spectrum & Verizons asses.

Spectrum has a god damn monopoly on the internet in Cheektowaga and Verizon doesn’t have shit for service anywhere in the 14227 zip code, someone needs to fucking do something

You’re still going to get your service from a cell carrier, they’re just going to bounce signals off Starlink for better coverage in places without towers.

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I joined Verizon last year thinking cell coverage would be better than AT&T. Boy was I wrong. My year contract was done on October 10th. Once I get back from my business trip I’m going back to AT&T

Yep, nationwide I think Verizon has the advantage but in WNY, especially in the rural areas of WNY, AT&T is a lot better. When I was into snowmobiling my AT&T phone was usually the only one with signal once we got out in the country.

AT&T is better in Buffalo but where I work at the Ford plant the only carrier that has reception is Verizon.

I switched for a couple days and went back. I’d get to work at 7am and when I go onto the thruway to go home I’d get blasted with dozens of texts and voicemails I hadn’t received throughout the day

I have consistently better service and speeds on my work att iPhone 13 than my Verizon 14 pro max

Another Starship launch

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Didn’t that one explode also?

Yep! Stage separation worked too :+1:

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