Farewell Buffalo.........

After a long time of patiently waiting for a job offer, I got one, and will be moving away. I’m going to be taking the position of Staff Geologist for an environmental consulting firm near Albany, NY. I’m going to be starting on August 15th, so I will be leaving Buffalo that weekend. Delta Sonic just wasn’t cutting it anymore, and I’ve been eager to begin my career, and this was my opportunity to do so, so I had to take it.

I’ll still be around posting, and I’ll even try to recruit some Albany members.

good luck.

i just moved back to buffalo after a year in michigan to start my new job today.


Way to go!!!

Congratulations, best of luck :tup: to starting your career


congrats and goodluck with that! :tup:

goodluck mang :tup:

hope you enjoyed your stay in the ruff :wave:

Goodluck man, I know exactly how you feel :slight_smile:

Let’s make this NYSpeed… really NY. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


Congrats fellow Geologist :tup:

congrats on the new job, good luck

its gettin real hard to wake up in the mornin and call Delta. I cant wait to be dont there

:tup: to getting a job offer so good that your willing to move for it

wasnt it you that was talking about working at delta while in school, and only still working there because u havent found a job u like in your feild of training ?


buffalo seams to have a few missionaries heading out across ny to spread the word (forum) of howie … lol

i was sending out emails to aol members across the state that had car type stuff in their profiles … but i took a lil break so that aol wouldnt consider me a spammer … im spreadin the word too mang

NYspeed :tup:


ya johnny was tellin me bout this, good shit, im jealous

yeah, that was me, soooo glad to be leaving Delta finally

I’m so happy for you dan. I’ll tell Solar you’re “back on track”

:c )

  scooby meets won't be the same without you..

no more winter days dryin cars with frozen hands, frozen pants, a red nose, with hard rags, inside the wash for SPLIT tips, runnin 200 cars an hour… lol fuck that shit, im glad im dnoe there too, but still lookin for that real “career”

Nice,it was good knowing you daniel.