Fast and the Furious

thought it was pretty funny!!!

too bad the dumb shit couldn’t spell suppose…

now come on…u still had to laugh…please dont tell me ur pissed over this???

hahahahaha…that was good.

i laughed at some

but yeah… i actually do get ‘pissed’ (irratated) over that… :mrT:


Well i didnt post it to make ppl get pissed or anything like that…just put it up b/c i thought it was a good laugh!!!

i love it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

" Amazing…you should get a job at Best Buy or something"

" We should… he doesnt have stickers so we have the advantage."

fucking classic…

STFU n00b, it’s not even funny anymore


I am just as much of a noob , as just as your truck is rust free…

you better tighten up those overalls uncle Jesse if you want to hang with me son…

:bowrofl: :rofl:

greenz no biggie…

dems is fighting words!

you are a noob - my post count>your post count, that makes you a n00b :slight_smile:

[ricer] wait till spring [/ricer]

In that case, STFU nOOb

yes sir

Wait till spring… are you gonna borrow a fast car from somebody… or I can borrow a slow car from someone, maybe my moms Buick…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I don’t race other peoples cars, my truck will hold it’s own against anything you have. :slight_smile:

edit - no it won’t, I can barely get the fucking thing to go 50mph downhill with the wind behind me.

well at least you came to your senses… :beer: