i said that to nick rankin who works there and he said no, we were all on level 4. because i was like tell them to turn me up bro, and apparently i was up. i was having fun for sure but no way they do 50. or at least not on that coarse.


want more details!!!


I hate when you get stuck with some jackass who wrecks and spins out and they slow everyone down. Shits annoying.


i was t-boned by my friend going full bore because i threw it sideways to avoid smashing into his slow father. it kinda hurt




E, they claim they only go up to level 4 but they turn all the people who go all the time on a higher level… It’s bullshit if you ask me, if you’re racing for time they shouldn’t let some people race on the highest level and then let people like me and you run on level 4 like we can’t handle ourselves or something. The owner told me right out of his own mouth that they go higher too so everytime a worker says level 4 is the highest he’s lying lol.

I understand if the person is a young kid (teens) that you turn the power down. but it should be everyone races at level 4 and thats it… or atleast rank the times differently. Like level 4 leaderboard, level 5 leaderboard etc. etc.


Haha Sbardy sucks on the carts. Don’t let him fool you guys. Might go run circles around him later.


I just sent fasttrax a message. It really would be great if there was some sort of sponsorship between them and shift. I think it’d be mutually beneficial so we’ll see what happens. I also mentioned the concerns with the speed limitations and the lack of a tiered ranking system. Hopefully they’ll consider all of that and make improvements. Either way I’m looking at going on friday. Should be a blast.


Prolly gonna go to their spam folder.


Worth trying


Ok so Wtf is that why my fastest lap was only 22.0 and rankin who’s ten lbs heavier is pulling 20.xx’s??? I knew it wasn’t fully up. Mother fucker. The whole time out there I was thinking holy shit I can’t do much better and shave off two three seconds. It’s just not happening with this power. Makes sense now though.


How much is it to go there and how long does it last?


I ran 20.7-.9 both of my first two races.

U just suck Debbie.



:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl


god dammit stallmer :rofl:


Is that ben?


Theresa screen that shows who in the race is doing/able to reach whatever RPM… I watched for an hour. 50 my ass… 25…sure… if they can do 50 then there better be a level 10.

Talked to a mgr, said they stayed open till 1:30saturday night, Place is like Krispy Kreme when it first opened. Hope they stay busy and smart… but to slow everyone down the way they do (too slow) before pit is a waste of play time.


yea dude no fucking way they are doing 50 at level 4.


Lettuce be cereal. You know Theresa screen too?