Who the fuck are you




Lol he’s a buddy of mine, we both went Sunday he got lucky because they turned his kart up when he ran with myself Dunkin and the two guys that work there…I was telling him about the shift competition, so he joined up for some fun


A/s/l? Preferably a pic in a mirror.






jammer gets no respect… just forget about him jim, thats fine…


Got it now. Had to look on the website lol


Had to put up my recent time, after my 5th race those things definitely move.

crAppAchic0 - Donkey - 19.748


Did 20.602 on Tuesday. Will be looking to hit 19’s at some point in time with my current weight lol. It’ll be a feat.


My next visit will be my 5th race. I went 20.5 the other day but sbardy was running low 20s and cossey ran 21s… I guess they didn’t clean the track or something.


Track prep was horrible for sure on Tuesday, but I kinda got used to it after that race.



Just stopped by to check this out. Looks neat.


Hit me up if you plan to go, it’s a lot of fun.


Srs karts are srs



Update the list. Couldn’t stand Steve being on top of me.




Was there at 1:40, were you racing?




I think we should have a separation of “Bumped speed” vs “Slow speed”.

Doesn’t make sense to directly compare the times on two different speed settings.