I saw your name on the board but I’ve never met you so i didn’t know who you were


Can someone update my best time to 20.513

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Anyone else going this afternoon? I’ll see ya there sbardy


you still have to have 5 races min … but on your 5th race if your RPMs are 1400 or higher you will get turned up to level 4


Sweet so 19.8 on level 3 ftmfw


What time bros


1245-1 i think


most likely you were on 4 to pull that number… honestly it really depends on the guy running the remote and if he knows your or can tell you know what your doing on the track and not crashing, spinning out ect

when Emanuel came with some friends i had them all turned up to 4 on their first race


I normally work tuesdays 5-11 and fridays 5-close there… swing by when im there and ill make sure you guys are on level 4 …i wont be back there for 2 weeks because im away with the army at ft drum right now

on a side note- deff the best side job ive ever had, racing for free yea buddy


also they are going to start the races going the opposite way on the track soon to change things up… we did that a couple weeks ago to see how it would be with the employees after closing and was a lot of fun


Which guy are you? Both times I went were Friday nights.


I was there on a Friday night… On the shitty setting, getting pissed at some dumb bitch.


i havent been there since friday the 2nd .im normally in the Pit


the bigger guy out of the guys that are there… and im not the fat brown guy that works there lol


Your the guy with the tongue ring and blue contact lenses?


lmfao no hahahaha


This! 2 dumb bitches actually. Well her boyfriend drove like a bitch at least. Every time I tried to pass he would look at me and dive into my line. The girl you just couldn’t predict where she was going. This why I politely “pushed” her out of the way so I could get at least one or two clean laps.


Would you?


That almost sounds easier. Instead of having the long haul-ass section of the track dump you into the low speed section/chicane area, you’ll be coming out of the chicane and screaming into the back hairpin. Maximize corner exit speed vs setting up an ideal line for the chicane. Should be fun.


Shawn Burdick best time 20.322 with RPM of 1219