No problem at all :slight_smile:










Who wants to do a race or two tonight?



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What time?


^what he said

Tapatalk is consuming my life


Its my day off, I’m good whenever.


I won’t get home til around 6. Could prolly do 730 or so?

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sounds good to me.


I’ll be there.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


Best time of 20.290 tonight. Track was real loose and drifty, it was awesome. Probably would have done better if I wasn’t drifting as much, but aint care.


Going tonight with phate and k2420egcoupe around 830-9 if anyone’s interested.

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19.997 with crappy front tires. woot.


20.114 Impressed I can actually log onto this site lately…


I ran shitty times, They tried to give me a kart with a flat tire, and then a kart that was showing cords. They switched my kart after the first lap but never added it to the race so it only counted 6 or 8 laps. Then the guy yelled at me for bumping after the race because the dumbass kids in front of me would not move and intentionally would cut me off while looking at me so I may have pushed them into a wall a few times.

I feel like they need to do a better job at kart upkeep. Some of them are getting really bad. Loose steering, severe shaking, beat tires, etc…

Tapatalk is consuming my life


I agree with that. The cart I had last time I went had a bad shake in it and sounded like a bad wheel bearing…


The one I went 19’s in had a sticking throttle and junk front tires. That was pretty entertaining, although it was understeer city with loose steering.

The kart I had for my second run had ice skates for rear tires, and was drift city.

I sat out the third race, which ended up being a shitshow.