Chronugs: 21.318


It was a Good time on Friday man! Gotta go again some time.

Track is a bit tighter now. Breaking into 19s is much harder now. My clean laps have seemed to level out in the 20.3xx range now.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


Great times! Should reset the leader board to reflect times that actually matter now.


Fuck u and your Tapatalk


They changed the corners a Bit. I went yesterday and best I could do was 20.40 I believe and was 19.5 before.


Yeah the chicane and s bend after the hairpin following the start finish line seem a bit tighter now.

Tapatalk is consuming my life


Same here went from 19.4 to 20.02


Yup. From 19.6x to 20.3x I think. I can’t remember


B1LLB3RT - 21.093


Should we have a separate list, post track change?


I think maybe yeah










21.23 but not like the MODs care to update this shit anymore or make a new table showing times for the new track setup.


Working on it…

Done. Any complaints?


Thank you sir!

Tapatalk is consuming my life


No problem at all, sir!


+rep for timely action. Thanks!