Anyone doing the league night?


Went tonight 20.262


Went for the first time a few weeks back, managed a 19.9XX. If it weren’t for slow faggots everywhere I feel like I could gain a few tenths lol


Wow that’s awesome I always seem to get stuck with a bunch of people who won’t get out of my way so I just ram them into the wall


I went last night and one of the guys I was with had a rear wheel fall off going around a corner.




What’s your username at Fasttrax? Just to update ‘the list’, sir…

Otherwise updated.


When r u going again?


No plans to go again. I didn’t even plan on going Tuesday until my brother asked me if I wanted to go


Was it any good?


Its fun but a bit expensive


looking to go again soon, have a birthday race to use, in addition to being a lot less broke. Are people still doing this semi-regularly?


Like I said earlier before the site got restored… I want to go again.


I’m game to go some evening.


I was talking to red about going this week, but he got sick.

Lately I’ve been working until like 9-9:15, but am so game for going if we can get a couple 2-3 people to decide on a set date/time. I’m curious how my improved power-weight ratio will work out.


Me and GD3Skier are going at 8:30. Get in on it.


I’ll see you there!


Sweet. The more the better!


Might be a few minutes late. Leaving as soon as the dog takes a shit