First timer. B-Rad: 20.828 average of 21.726. Some black girl holding us all up. That’s pretty addicting!



Agreed though, sir- super addicting. It’s like a video game. Except you spend a bit more.


heading over tonight at 6 if anyone else is interested


Wish I could. I gotta use my birthday race still haha.


Went for the first time 21.482 was my fastest time


According to their FB page starting in October they are gonna have a racing series.


I live right around the corner, i’d love to get in on that


o0o0o me too, maybe it will keep the girls like the one i kept slamming into the wall off the track yesterday, she did not follow any rules and was on the brake 100% of the time!


Yeah I’m up off 146 it’s < 10 min away for me. I don’t think I could consistently make it week to week though.


Anyone want to do the league? 300 for 8wks doesnt seem bad. Total of 40 people only, 4 teams of 10.


3 races per night comes out to 12.50 a race, not too bad. plus you’ll likely get people who are not n00bs and slowing down the track for others


300 is a lot to throw down though lol.


Updated times.


Anyone want to go tonight?


Fuck you chad.

Haven’t been in months.

Got banned for going to fast.


Fuck you too. Get over here so I can get behind you


19.638 but i can def go faster


Thanks to jammer for some advice last time I was there lol


2nd time ever there tonight, 19.339 - Joey4G


2nd time also tonight and ran a 19.798 petey_highboost