How is your average time so high when you’re running 19.3’s?

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See lap 6. Someone spun and they slowed us.


That’ll do it lol

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Out if ignorance, what is this place? We don’t have one and I’m too lazy to look it up…

Tap dat talk


Indoor electric kart racing. Karts move pretty well though so it’s interesting. Races are 15 laps and winner is the person with the fastest single lap time.


First time out 20.106. Slow setting bitches


I just got turned up last night. I almost found it easier lol. Obviously you have to be a little more on your toes but I found minor errors didn’t translate into such huge time losses if that makes any sense. I think I know where I need work and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a 19.0XX in me.


Gotcha. Yeah, those places are pretty fun. When I was in warehousing, there was one right down the road from me and we used to go there on lunch sometimes. Fun was had on the regular


Liar. You can’t drive.



This may have to turn into an embedded google doc spreadsheet or something.


Cheatin bastard

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probably going sometime tomorrow afternoon, assuming they are open.


they are mid day i dont remember the exact times …


91teg- 19.453


felt like I got sped up to the high setting. Ran a 20.3 something. What sucked was that my friend that went for the first time was on the slow setting, and basically spent her entire race getting waved over, and never got a clean lap in because she was concentrating on not being a road boulder. Sucks because she ended up having a really shitty time, and let me know it. Would actually have been more fun on the slow setting.

There was an old guy in the group who had like 1900rpm, and was cutting mid-high 19’s somehow, despite braking WAAAY early.

When I go again, and know what to expect on the high setting, I’ll hit some 19’s. Pretty much every lap was pretty clumsy.


19.883 new fastest for me




Went for the first time tonight




Any interest tonight around 9? I’ve got a birthday race to burn.