20.505 on a skinny tire slow setting with what sounted like a squeaky wheel bearing. Finally found my line I wanna be turned up. Next race is number 5.


had a strange night there … only ran one race but it took till lap 8 before they turned up any of the carts to fast speed and when they did they turned all 9 of them up … even the girls … on lap 6 i went 19.9 on the slow setting and then onlap 12 i went 19.171 … guess ill be aiming for 18 next time :ahh




Yeah you guys were boogeying that’s for sure.


Went today, It was dead there so I ran a race solo:cool:

New best time 20.195


First night there, still on the slow setting. Place is a great time. 91teg-20.109




You missed me. 20.505


re-updated (and fixed the duplicate from my last mess)


Thank you sir!


No problem at all, it’s what I’m here for, sir!


not such a great job of updating


so im hearing some og your are there a couple times a week racing a couple times a night. kinda crazy lol


Indeed; who’s in charge of this place, anyway?


That’s a good question.


doesnt surprise me




Damn i gotta get back. I need 18’s on this next visit.



Skinny tires suck. Squeal like wee piggys.