Feb 16 - New York State Bill To Ban "Spinners" Rims

Feb 16 - New York State Bill To Ban “Spinners” Rims
New York State is taking fresh legal steps to ban spinning hubcaps and wheels. Bill Number 1640 is presently being considered by the Senate Transportation Committee, and it would make such wheels illegal statewide. The bill was introduced previously, but it is now gaining traction after being reintroduced by State Senator John Sabini. The measure would fine vehicle owners up to $750 for a third (or subsequent) violation.

The folks at the SEMA (who mobilize and lobby on the behalf of automotive enthusiasts when it comes to such legal matters) are urging opposition to the measure, on the grounds that the wheels are not prohibited under Federal law, nor are there any conclusive studies that indicate that spinners pose a safety risk.
Source: news.windingroad.com/aftermarket/new-york-state-bill-would-ban-spinners/

:tup: How about they come up with a way to lower taxes and have better roads instead of dicking around with the No Spinners rule…well if we lose all of our sports teams…noone will want them anyway so I guess maybe its just a measure to reinforce that notion.


LOL. What a worthless legislature. WOW spinners pose some serious safety risk. Maybe they will fly off and saw through oncoming cars like in James Bond flicks. I dont care for spinners but these people are just assholes.
Fucking die in a spinner related car wreck.

If anything, spinners are good for NY.

8.75% sales tax on a $2000+ set of rims = $175 going to the government (local and state).

I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to say there are probably at least 10000 cars in NY with spinners. That’s $1.75 million in sales tax.

interesting way of looking at it and analysis

email that to the legislature

Well, I figured there will be at least 2 pages of people saying this is retarded for the simple that fact it’s retarded. I agree with that, but I wanted to be different. :slight_smile:

Yo Spock! Thats FUCKED up!!


Now my co-workers are asking what I’m laughing at. Thanks. Just proved I’m not working for the last 10 minutes of my day.



so fucking stupid

but if they tried to pass that down here… there would be a riot.


damn son. they betta not take away my spinnas. they take away my spinnas- they take away my life.


The only way spinners pose a threat is when stupid people goak at em and rear someone… :gotme:

i hate spinners.

however the idea of making them illegal is retarded. whats next then? aftermarket CD decks?

i thought this was suppose to go nation wide after that tractor trailer killed the family in a mini van

what happened with that? i cant believe that spinners were an honest reason for any kind of serious accident.