fender flares mounted on S13 / S14 / SC400

So i have never really received pictures from anyone who mounted the flares… but i got these now…

Mikey, got any decent shots of your S14?

gotta update the site now…

i’m also waiting on pics from the SC400 that used em.

other images…




Nice, looks good.

i like the rims!

Bing, I’ll see you tomorrow!

ok, but i wont be around this evening… you gonna be in town thursday?

yup…in town Tuesday to Thursday and probably Friday as well.

yeah im on my laptop at school ill post some up when i get home

hmmm i wonder what these would look like on a coupe.

i love it!

i’d really like to see a shot from directly behind the car and from directly in front of it also… any chance that could happen?

stolen from ti2t…

with the exception of the wheels not fitting too fantastic for my taste that looks like really nice bodywork and the car is hot



SC400, two tone IS300 blue on blakc roof… you can barely see the transition.

Work Meister S1’s 18x 13 in the rear with 315’s.

Bings fender flares pretty much untouched. just rivets and trim

do you have a store bing or just the web site?if you do where is it?

stores are ghey.

bah i still would have liked it more if mikey didnt use cheese on them,
I like the look of the bolts showing , like the lexus
these flares are baller,
go bing

ya i’m not feeling mikeys flares

he shoulda done overfenders or widebody

you guys are just jealous because i like mikey more than you guys.


is there a chance that you would organize another nagra crusie

we’ll see.

i have some other stuff in the works that may or may not replace it.