Ferrari Breaks the 7-minute Nurburgring Barrier


a_ahmed has witnessed epicage

When 4-door stock Cadillacs are in the 7’s, you knew it was a matter of time…

arent 599xx like 2 million dollars?

not to mention its hardly a production vehicle seeing as how they are only available to people ferrari deems to be worthy. its a fucking balls out race car.

Still retarded, What 4 door cadillacs are in the 7’s?

And why does the speedo have 100 at the top then jumps to 210 lol

Yeah, This definitely isn’t a regular production car, and who knows what tires it was running on, and what they did to the car before the lap.

It is a beautiful car though.

it has slicks :slight_smile: and the car has over 700 hp

look at it this way, anything in the 8:30 area is very respectable, and this is doing it in 7 flat.

however, i could see the zonda R beating that.

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Nissan 200SX 9:35 129 ´94 200 / 1316
not bad

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Nissan 200SX 9:35 129 ´94 200 / 1316
not bad

lol stock 240s are slow as hell… hell my modded 240 (still with a ka) beats s2000s/wrx on track… but with a really good driver and modded s2000/wrx ill lag or be seriously challenged… our cars are not to be compared to lol

some of these cars are just plain and simply years ahead with technology its sad but true :-/… and on top of that they do it comfortably lol like cmon lol.

However with enough money spent… any car can go fast…

Regardless its an epic achievment for ferrari imo… sure its caged/track car ready (cmon… braces on windshield) but… still epic :slight_smile:

And honestly cmon give ferrari a hand here, cutting some 20-30 seconds of a track… (say vette zr1, gtr, viper acr)

I got a 240 because it was cheap and i could go fast cheap… however i wana go really fast and its no longer cheap lol… so something like an fd rx7 would have made more sense if i had money but alas.

So honestly for a race team with all the r&d 2 million is probably a bargain :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to some day have the opportunity to take my car to the nurburgring :slight_smile: Dreaming but hey!

let’s see the GTO, the road going version of the XX, do it

then we can talk

I xan run faster

Wheres the vid?

Here you go:

called it!!!