Finally another kill

Cruising a little on my way home tonight…

Unfortunately the RFL was letting every ricer within a quarter mile, I wasn’t playin :wink: so I got declined on 3 occasions. Finally I see some headlights rising and dropping as a car scurried to catch me on XXX where I was doing 40mph… just waitng for said event to occur… he paces @ my rear before I slow to 38… now he is door to door… older gent… in an 04 GTO. I pace him and give t-up. He nods, with no return (cause I’m a ricer). I drop it to 2nd and let it sit @ 5k… waiting for him to bite. Nothin… after a couple hundred yards I upshift to 5th and cruise beside him… waiting for the moment where he slams it down so I can hit 2nd and be off into the night. We come up to penis road… and it turns yellow. He downshifts… sounds pretty good… downshifts again… oh yeah… thats LS1 goodness. I return the favor and drop it a couple. We get to the red, he revs from a stop now… I look over and he gives the :tup: to rev… well I think the BOV (i had been hiding) was ready to snap this guy back to reality. I bounce off the RFL a couple times, letting him know I’m ready. As we sit revving at the red light, I watch the green arrow turn yellow… I then bring it to 5500… and wait… he was probably 35-4000 rpms as we waited for our cue to go. Theres green… right on time. The old man next to me has a decent RT… a hair slower than mine. I hear his tires screaming for traction above my 4 245s who are just about to get into stride… after smoking them across the intersection they grab and I go. Quick mirrior check shows he is about a car and a half behind. He barks second and my BOV gives a little squeak… as I rip into 2nd @ 7400. Check the mirrior again before I go into 4th and he is about 3 cars back, and not gaining. I politely hit my signal to avoid some slower traffic and merge in front of the V8 with about 3 cars to spare still… he then lets off, and I get on the brakes. Now he gladly exchanges :tup::tup: as he goes past. I slow to 30ish to make sure everything is still in workign order, this is the first time I have launched in a while… I receive about 3 more :tup: from passerbys… as I hear some rice approaching in the other lane. Its a red eclipse, GSX wing, body kit, some dark stickers on the rockers… wheels and exhaust. I couldnt tell if it was turbo or not in passing, so I decided to uuuuey it real quick and play catch up. Now all of a sudden I am sitting at penis road again, looking at some sweet burnouts… at a redlight with some wice beside me. Younger kid, blonde hair, appeared to be slightly thuggish… I am in the right lane… so I accelerate to get in front of the car in the middle lane… then slow so the Eclipse can get beside me. I slow down some more… and more still. I dont feel so bad cause im in the right lane and he is the slower moving traffic blockign the left lane… so I slow some more. Now doing 25 in the same 40 I was just pacing the LS1 @… waiting … watching and waiting… waving him out the window… it was very obvious I just wanted to talk to him and compliment him on such a clean ride… finally he gets beside me… and I hear what I believe was a BOV… or an extremely loud intake… I downshift… and he heads to the median. Turns onto a side street… and I never saw him again. Sucks for you guys cause it could have been a good race. I hope someone on here knows who this kid is cause I’d like to know if he was boosted or not. PM for details on location and time.

nice kill on the gto what do you drive vr-4 ??

glad you got your AWD shit together and whuppin

<— still rimhumpin :tup:

You def. were out hunting. Me and Jeff watched you drive past us once, turn around and drive past us again lol.

leading goats to the slaughter = :tup:

nice kill jack!

when we running?

where was the cliffnotes on that kill

ill just guess you beatdown some ricer lol


lol @ “penis road”, :tup: btw.

Nice kill sir.


GTO kills are like the 5.0 Mustang kills of the 90s. They are decently quick, there are many out there, and almost all of them will give it a go!

:tup: Good job jack.



j/k :slight_smile: nice kill jack, glad to see the xfer case is holding up

nice kill


lol… yeah I wanna meet up with that guy again and get some vids if he is up for it…

onyx… yeah, not sure if you saw the Eclipse or not… or better yet if you recognized it

nice kills jack, when i get my car back id like to run you.

sounds good. as long as she stays together, i’ll run all night

me me me!!! come to mighty tonight jack…we’ll run :slight_smile:

Jack—what color was the GTO? Were the rims silver or chrome?

red GTO… honestly I don’t know about the wheels… but probably chrome. Older guy, like 50