Kingsario gets revenge on a red GTO that....

I finally got my revenge on a red GTO who gave me a fly-by the other day on NFB. Me and my co-pilot followed him up Road XXX. It was very hard to line up with him cause of traffic. Finally we pull up to him at a light, mind you we are 4 cars deep from the light so no chance of running yet. Co-pilot smith asks him “what you got in there?” He replies 6.0 V8… we were like cool. Kid looked younger and then he asked “what we got under the hood?” Co-pilot smith yells out “stock!” We all start laughing. Traffic starts to move, further down the road we get to an open straight away. I begin to try to line up and he doesn’t even let me. He takes off with a car head start. Full throttle in 3rd I pull up to his front bumper, 4th gear I start the buses and shut down. He then gives me a fly-by at full throttle. Then he gets in the turning lane :bloated: I wanted to go from a dig but he wanted to turn. So we pull up to him and Co-pilot smith yells out “pretty fast for a V8!” He replies “Thanks! That civic is pretty quick!” I don’t think he truely understood what was said. :gotme: Revenge on fly-by GTO never smelled so sweet.

Wow, you beat up on a GTO, go you… Now how about something fast like a 2G Probe or a Ralliart Lancer…

Hhahahahah!! Nice Kill, Russ…


teh civic can nevaR lose

no more vids these days

good job Russ with his trusty co-pilot :wink: haha

nice kill :tup:

You and smiff and your pickin on V8s :cry: Im gonna have to teach u guys a lesson when i get home :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like something lame that douche would say

Nice, good catch, I’ve been looking around for some GTO’s to beat on. :smiley:


i’ve got a few i’ll be looking out for shortly :slight_smile:

well thats cool

Keep your beef with him off this forum.

Just FYI : You look like a douche saying that.

Just making sure things work 1 way here too. Thanks alot sleepy

Work 1 way?

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Your beef with him is not related to this forum.

You fucking HAVE to open your mouth and talk shit to someone who ISN’T EVEN ON HERE.

Keep your fucking beef out of this forum, it’s stupid, and honestly, I (and others are I’m sure) am a tired of it.


oh, and…
nice kill :tup:

You know exactly what it means…but even though its a new board, I see we still play dumb when its convenient. Thats just not typically your style. O well, guess ya just have to lower expectations sometimes.

Good kill even though some folks cant appreciate it.

howie is exactly right… especially considering that the person your talking about isn’t even on this forum…

You got me, I’m playing dumb. :roll:

I re-read and re-read what I said - it seems you don’t comprehend what I actually said, instead, you just assume other shit.

Lower expectations? Get off your high horse…

Your ego is too big for any internet forum.

Perhaps now I understand a little more as to why people despise you.

I see that a bunch of guys on this board are jumping on Bad Azz. I don’t know the history between Bad Azz and this Smith guy. I just know certain things about him (Smith) from the kills section on here. I don’t have any problems with car enthusiasts whether they like domestics or imports. I DO have a problem with listening to car guys talk trash after the race, saying stupid things after the race, or waving bye bye during a race. I DO NOT know this Mr. Smith guy. Maybe he’s a great guy. Maybe he’s a pr*ck. My impression after reading these kill stories, is the latter. Talk about ZERO sportsmanship! I get the idea that some of you guys drive around looking for easy kills, just to rub it in their face. I could have sworn I heard that this Mr. Smith guy got WAXED by a certain blue domestic. Hrmm…wheres the kill story? Did the owner of the domestic laugh, wave, point, or make fun of the situation? No. I mean, it seems to me that there are a bunch of low 12 second cars in here (possibly fatser) that do NOTHING more than drive around all day in search of 15-16 second domestic sedans. Whats the point in that? Afraid you might lose again?