15m down


i’m still waiting for it to be in my area

Chris…didn’t i pitch that to you a loooooong time ago?

ya u said get it if i can…i couldn’t cuz Verizon doesnt offer it here yet, but i’m on the list to be notified when it does so i can switch if i want too…but i doubt i will cuz i’m more then happy with the speed of my DSL

I just had mine installed back on the 23rd.

Ballin x 2

you’ll end up getting it. Verizon is marketing it in such a way that you will only pay a few bucks more if anything for FIOS and once you go fiber you will NEVER want to go back. The specs i got at training for the technology claimed 1 strand of fiber optics can carry 128 voice customers 32 internet and 32 television…no signal degradation(its light information!!) and it doesn’t corrode like the current voice/cable lines running into buildings now…i know a bunch more about this but it’s too much to post