first aid kits...


The zombie thread got me thinking, and this is something that I have really over looked.

Do you guys have one?
If so what does it contain?
and where do you recommend picking up a good one?


everyone should have a bug out bag.

The list would be pretty extensive if I posted it.
Watch I Am Legend, anything you think you would need to survive that, should be in your bag.


My audi came with a pretty rad first aid kit, but it probably needs new wheel bearings.


My jetta is throwing a code for missing med kit.

We have one at the house that’s just bandaids, gauze (sp?), scissors, med tape, antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide, advil/bayer, and sport wrap


I have 3 bags. Can treat anything from gunshots, chest wounds, heavy arterial bleeding, to neuro toxin and inhalation anthrax.

Crackers gotta be prepared.


duct tape
plastic sheeting
1g of new skin liquid bandage
2 bottles of JD

I basically can’t ever die if I have my first aid kit nearby.


Mine’s at work. :wink:


i usually carry a blow out kit. all my saline bags expired recently though.


i’m going to die.

i don’t even have bandaids in the house.


Yeah, but women bleed all the time and won’t die. It’s just not fair.

…i mean, you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


So what, is burnt_toast preparing to run for office? Going around removing his old non-PC posts? Watch that new Gillette commercial too many times?


Hey, they’re his posts and he can do what he wants with them :+1: