First Motorcycle - BMW K1100LT


Going to try to save another vehicle which has met an unfortunate fate. My co-worker had a mishap with this bike and put it in a ditch. It’s a 1994 BMW K1100LT. Could end up being a pretty cool cafe racer style bike. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it, but I’ve seen a few really cool examples.


I’m into this.

What’s currently wrong with it mechanically? (cosmetics aside)


That rear wheel looks like a JDM 90’s car wheel, lol.


1st gen viper wheel




Fork triple tree upper is completely busted (already have a replacement). The shifter shaft is broken off flush with the transmission (bought a whole new trans on ebay yesterday). Front brakes are bone dry. Not sure if there is a break/leak or what.

Other than that, I think it should run with a fresh battery.

LOL @ Viper wheel. The wheels are terrible but i’ll probably be too cheap to swap them out.


Make it cool!


Going to try to!


Very cool.

I dig the wheels, and it’ll probably be the next ‘trend’ in no time.

Keep us updated.


If this comes out 1/2 as good as the boat restoration it’s going to be awesome.


Been working on this here-and-there. Got it fired up and running, fixed the front-end and started to mock-up an idea for the existing gauges. Eventually I will swap these gauges with a small aftermarket gauge, but this’ll do for now, as long as I can make a cheap and stable bracket for it.

Also got some lower ebay handlebars for it, but they need to be shaved down a little bit to make them work.


Found some inspiration

Seat and rear end will be the hard part. I’ll either commission a friend of mine to fab something out of aluminum, or I’ll venture into forming a fiberglass piece out of a foam model


back from the dead! Inspiration bike is sick. I know a guy in cleveland that figured out how to convert these to Motogadget M-unit for all the wiring and he said he’d be making a legit schematic for the BMW community should you ever go that direction for reliability and ease of ditching that stock gauge cluster…


M-Unit is way too expensive for what I’m looking to get into. This dude has done the hard work to enable the ability to use aftermarket gauges, and for a really reasonable price.