First Motorcycle - BMW K1100LT


Going to try to save another vehicle which has met an unfortunate fate. My co-worker had a mishap with this bike and put it in a ditch. It’s a 1994 BMW K1100LT. Could end up being a pretty cool cafe racer style bike. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it, but I’ve seen a few really cool examples.



I’m into this.

What’s currently wrong with it mechanically? (cosmetics aside)


That rear wheel looks like a JDM 90’s car wheel, lol.


1st gen viper wheel





Fork triple tree upper is completely busted (already have a replacement). The shifter shaft is broken off flush with the transmission (bought a whole new trans on ebay yesterday). Front brakes are bone dry. Not sure if there is a break/leak or what.

Other than that, I think it should run with a fresh battery.

LOL @ Viper wheel. The wheels are terrible but i’ll probably be too cheap to swap them out.


Make it cool!


Going to try to!


Very cool.

I dig the wheels, and it’ll probably be the next ‘trend’ in no time.

Keep us updated.


If this comes out 1/2 as good as the boat restoration it’s going to be awesome.


Been working on this here-and-there. Got it fired up and running, fixed the front-end and started to mock-up an idea for the existing gauges. Eventually I will swap these gauges with a small aftermarket gauge, but this’ll do for now, as long as I can make a cheap and stable bracket for it.

Also got some lower ebay handlebars for it, but they need to be shaved down a little bit to make them work.



Found some inspiration

image image

Seat and rear end will be the hard part. I’ll either commission a friend of mine to fab something out of aluminum, or I’ll venture into forming a fiberglass piece out of a foam model

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back from the dead! Inspiration bike is sick. I know a guy in cleveland that figured out how to convert these to Motogadget M-unit for all the wiring and he said he’d be making a legit schematic for the BMW community should you ever go that direction for reliability and ease of ditching that stock gauge cluster…


M-Unit is way too expensive for what I’m looking to get into. This dude has done the hard work to enable the ability to use aftermarket gauges, and for a really reasonable price.


Still working on this


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Chopped the frame down today and laid in the new rear seat.

image image


This is looking proper, and for an ‘old,’ ‘cheap’ bike it does appear to clean up really nice, and has some handsome lines. Looking forward to seeing this finished. nice work


NICE! If you wind up needing anything let me know, I’m a dealer for pretty much all things moto and should be able to beat any online retailer pricing


@focusinprogress Shinko tires?


absolutely. Shoot me sizes and what model shinko and I’ll get a price together for you.