I searched and found nothing. I thought we had one of these?

My contribution for the day.

The liquor store is out of shopping carts.

My hot tub isn’t hot enough.

My snow tires make too much road noise.

Shower running out of hot water after 20 minutes sucks too.

and my smartphone battery only lasts two days.

There was something like this here, one was

I accidentally clicked iTunes so now I have to wait 2 minutes before I can close it.

Ate a huge meal.

Complains they are tired now.

My heated seats are too hot.

Stand back…

Forgot to grab my phone on my way to taking a dump.

Gourmet olive oil store has an overwhelming number of choices.

Long line at the coffee drive thru.

Overnight delivery just isn’t fast enough.

No places open at 9PM that could cash a $400 lottery ticket.

My 55" Plasma is too big for my living room

I got a signed jersey from Fred Jackson and it wasn’t authentic. (this one’s for Beck)

I love first world problems.

Right now for me…

Christmas lights aren’t on a timer, now I have to get up and flip a switch.

I have to wear glasses to watch a 3D movie in my living room.

Gas fireplace doesn’t have a remote…now it’s getting too warm in here.

I have to workout and eat right to stay “in shape”.

I have to try to use proper grammar on NYSpeed or I will get made fun of.

My kids have too many toys to keep the house clean.

I had to sign a bunch of paperwork for increased salary, health insurance, and other benefits today.

so much more but I’ll stop there.

I’m to drunk to navigate my spiral stairs.

A friends wife made a fb status complaining about how her iPad was only WiFi enabled and had no 3g :frowning: I posted a link to

My parts guy changed his name.whos joe?

the tip the customer gave me was in all small bills.

Went to the bills game today, my box seats were too warm.

Ate too much food at dinner, explosive diarrhea sucks.

My garbage bag is too heavy from all of the food I just threw out after Christmas Eve dinner, although it may be all of the Opus One bottles at the bottom of the bag.

Louis ck has a great rant about cell phones and flying first world problems. It’s really good