FormulaLS1 vs Way2Slow

Well I was out at the bar and him and FASTMOFO show up and want to do a quick run…

I ended up winning by around a car lenth…we both got shitty launchs…

fastest “stock” vette I have ever seen :slight_smile:



justin, shouldnt you be at a bar? you know trying to mack it with any thing that walk past you with boobs?

or with two tounge rings…

I will get the vid soon if it makes mr sario feel better.

vid or bbbbbbbbbbbbbb…an

zzz :slight_smile:

u will not get the vid. kid that recorded it puts them on a videotape. i dont know who could help you get a program 2 bring that on the computer.

get me the tape on lunch, I will have it on here by 2 o clock

Were you one of those A/V nerdlingers in HS? Be honest!

i dont have it. if it was me doing it id be done the right way…

lol i even make vids dissapear too!:lol:

good kill homie!

No, I was one of the kids who beat up the A/V nerds to convert my shit to MPEG in HS…

Now, I need this home pron converted by 7th period bitch. Get dubbin.

Uh, I thought he was like, really fast…

How far from stock is he exactly? Only losing by a car, car and a half… is pretty damn good.

Specially since I almost rear-ended the cam’d vette that put up a similar fight.

WTF? I have to race him.

good luck it took about 2hrs to get him to race sherm

cool, good kill

but i’m mad slow…

ha fun time good kill :tup: we should try a slow roll sometime

typical FMF “lets roll race”