Free 6 Person Hot Tub (needs work)


my reason for this endevour. hopefully I can get it up and running soon.


Things only a hot tub veteran would know, thanks


Highly recommend finding a place that will let you wet test to see for yourself. Some people love the recliner seat. My wife’s response after trying it with the jets on was, “It felt like it was trying to drown me”.


So you brought your suits to recreational warehouse?


We didn’t wet test but we had been in a similar nordic before. If you’re a first time buyer I’d recommend it though. I don’t know which places offer that but when I was researching a lot people on the forums talked about doing it.


We had a recliner and it just pushed us to the surface. Unless you wear a weight belt it is useless. lol My 2 cents.



The 4 guys moved it surprisingly easily.


I’ll get a build thread going soon :slight_smile:


Just kidding. It sat in the yard all winter and I realized I’m never going to install it. Here’s the complete story of my hot tub adventure culminating this morning, told in picture form.



Still loving the one we replaced it with. Even if you destroyed my old one at least it’s not in my back yard anymore.


haha yea. I just had too much going on to get it installed before winter and sitting on the ground all fall (I put it up on 2x4s for winter) didn’t help. It was also full of bees when I went to dismantle it. Thankfully I had my house sprayed last week for bees so I had them soak the tub foam down. Smashing it was fun, not sure if I’d say it was all worth it though.


I’ll admit now, that’s it’s out of my yard anyway, that I thought you were nuts. I wouldn’t say it at the time because I didn’t want to drag it out of my yard or tear it apart. LOL


I get ambitious with projects but I’ve become better at knowing when it’s time to let go vs being stuck in the sunk cost fallacy.


I have one I’d let go to a good home if someone wants to come grab it. Been under a shelter, it came with my house, I’ve never used it. No idea if it works just by adding water or not.


I wouldn’t recommend it.


Where abouts are you? I have a new deck with a roof being built and if it is in good shape it would work out well.

Any pictures?