Free 6 Person Hot Tub (needs work)




May I ask how old it is? It seems like hot tubs are good for about 5 years before they become a money pit. Of course the salesmen always claim they last for like 20 years.
I have been looking but not sure which brand really is the best. The ThermoSpa commercials look convincing.


It’s gotta be at least 20. It came with a friend’s house and when they moved they gave it to us. We got several years use out of it with no issues.

We’re replacing it with a Nordic. My uncle is on his 2nd Nordic after he upgraded to a larger one. He gave my cousin his first one that he never had any issues with and it’s over 15 years old and still going strong. Recreation Warehouse is the only local Nordic dealer. They’re just a mid-range tub with a really good quality reputation. They’re also the only tub with a lifetime shell warranty. RW orders all theirs with the optional Nordic Wrap extra insulation since we’re a cold climate.

I’ve read Thermospas are garbage. Pretty much a consensus on the spa forums. If you’re looking for top of the line it’s probably Hot Springs.


I’ve been looking for a used hot tub. What are the dimensions/will it fit in the back of a 6’ truck box?


We had a Dimension One Spa and it was terrible after 5 years. They were supposedly “top of the line” but it seemed like every month or so it would cost hundreds of dollars just to keep it running. It did not help that the repair guy lived an hour away $$$$ and never wanted to come to Glenwood.


I just put in a pretty good size patio, perfect for hot tub. Might be looking for one in the future. Good to know that Nordics are quality tubs. Do they have saltwater models?


No way. You’d need a wide trailer, like a 2 place snowmobile trailer.

edit: Just measured, 6’9" square at the base with a ledge that sticks out near the top about an inch.

No saltwater Nordics that I know of but most spas use ozone generation which really cuts down on the need for chemicals. Recreation Warehouse is doing a fall sale where they add on ozone and steps for free, plus $500 off if you don’t take their 2 year financing.


My bed is 6’6" with the gate closed. I’ll try to wrangle up a few buddies. Is Sunday good? It’s supposed to rain though. Might be able to do next Monday as well


Really need it gone by Saturday because I’m busy Sunday and work Monday. Delivery of the new tub comes Tuesday morning and the spot has to be clear so I’ll be cutting it up Saturday.

Also, you said your truck bee is 6’6" but this tub is 6’9". Not sure what your plan is there.


Ok, Saturday should work, wrangling up people now.

In regards to moving it, the tail gate doesn’t have to be closed. Trying to get a trailer but if not here are some videos I found for inspiration. lol

strange coincidence they are both Fords? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


^^ Oh man that last vid had me 100% convinced he’d lose it!


Damn, that last vid was sketchy as hell but it’s your truck. I’ll PM you my address.

I just want to be clear before you go through all the work of moving it… this thing needs work. I don’t know what’s up with the heater but the tub was running most of the time and the temp was going between 98-100 with it set at 101. It clearly wasn’t heating the way it should. When it was working right the heater would only run for 5-10 minutes when the temp dropped from 101 to 100 to get it back to 101. The electric usage skyrocketed because of this which is why we shut to down.

Any mice that are living inside the cabinet are your mice once it’s moved. I don’t want them back. :lol:


Haha. The plans are to convert it to use a heat exchanger/gas set up somehow, so it’s perfect.

maybe something like this:




I am sure he wont flake, but if it falls through let me know. I have fixed several and am pretty good with these stupid things at this point.


Definitely not flaking :slight_smile: If you have any tips/tricks/links send em over. I want to use a UV cleaner and ditch the electric heating some how.


So what are we talking all in for a decent Nordic? What model are you going with?


We went with just a basic Nordic, the Impulse DP. $4k after taxes for the spa, cover, ozone thing and steps. Delivered and installed. You’d also need a 220v 50amp circuit installed and code requires a manual pull disconnect outside near the spa. We already had that from the last one.

You can easily spend 6-7k but after owning one we’ve realized eleven billion jets, waterfalls, pop up TV’s and room for a party aren’t really needed. We just love hopping in and soaking after the kid is gone to bed, especially if we’re sore from doing anything strenuous or mentally zapped from work. I also love it after a night of skiing. Most of the time we have the jets on low and the aerator turned on. I think we’re really going to like the whirlpool feature Nordic has especially on a round tub like we’re getting.


Yeah you can certainly add on lots bells and whistles. I think I might want a larger one that you can lounge out on though.


In all the years I’ve had our hot tub I sat in the recliner seat maybe twice. The sales guy said he hears that all the time from people buying their 2nd one. Most people just don’t find it comfortable because you start to float.