So my car has been pissing oil out of 4 different places in the past 2 weeks…

Everytime I fix one another happens.

Finally… i have them all fixed… :slight_smile:

When changing oil, remember to tighten oil cooler/ the thing you screw the oil filter on with a 15/16 deep socket.

This is regards to 1g 4g63s…


so is it fast now?



it makes loud bov noises…:slight_smile:

ill let my polish friend tell a story about that… lol

the question is: what about the coolant?

I thought Mitsubishi’s were metric. Learn something new everyday.

I guess I had the same problem with the oil cooler and my filter kept loosening on me… haven’t seen a leak since.

<—waiting for a ride.



i assume your talking about that guy and girl in the miata that shit themselves (seriously, it was gross) when we blew off on them.

the look on her face was priceless
it was like she just got the shocker

still slow…


no leaky coolant either!


its a dsm, somethings gotta be busted

And/or leaking…

Good, now you can make a certain trip :wink: :slight_smile:


Don’t lie, you swapped your MR2 motor in there.

get a koyo already damnit :slight_smile:

Nice. I wish my car was running.:frowning:

yey…no more oil spewing, lol :slight_smile:

I hear ya man. Two weeks to do a timing belt. :lol:

Thought my cars swap was doing using the Road Race Engineering way, but turns out it was the Magnus Motorsports way, so I had the wrong tensioner, and now its taking another week to get the right tensioner after taking a week to get the other tensioner too.

Sick of driving a Neon.