Free computer gamepad (x2)

ok cleaned out my room today and i found these sitting in a box behind my computer desk…they haven’t been used in about 3-4 yrs. anyways, i was gonna throw them out but thought maybe someone could use them, obviously i want someone local to take them, its not worth the time or money to ship them :stuck_out_tongue: anywho, they are both Gravis gamepad pro’s…

i stole that pic from ebay for reference, they are both the white controller that is pictured on the right. if anyone wants them let me know

dibs on one

u sure u dont’ want both :stuck_out_tongue:

ah…too bad that i can’t plug em into my lappie…

I’ll take the old gravis game pad. Would be nice to have on my laptop. :tup:

k, so one to fuzzyfish and one to jdmr2 :tup:

will u guys be at dyno competition at mikes on sunday?

ok back up lol u guys still want them?

Give the pad 2 me!!! So I can play UN Squadren!

werd, i need a game pad so i can rock out with MAME

Still want the one for my laptop :tup:

i’ll bring them to taffy’s tonite, first people to ask for them get them :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, and I have to be working :-/