Free Wireless for my Laptop?

Okay well as some people know i’m going to be in town very soon, unfortunately, my Uncle still is stuck in Caveman times with (no offense to anyone who has it but…) 56k. I have to register for my courses on Wednesday and I wasn’t sure if there was anywhere that did have wireless so I could at least use my laptop. Thanks!


not talking to you.

yeah, go to capen library at UB - PM me if you wanna use my login to look up horse porn there or whatever if you need to, my acct’s only good til the end of august since i already graduated

lol, anyway…anywhere else besides UB?

Sweet, thanks girlie :slight_smile:


the food court @ eastern hills :slight_smile:

spot coffe maybe

mine and Akvile’s apartment if we are home that day you are welcome to bring your laptop over

You could come to my house if you needed to.

Ooh really? I just might do that…thanks to everyone for offering to help, i’ll know better by tomorrow (or later on today) where i’ll go :slight_smile:

Atlanta Bread Company - Transit Rd. near Sheridan


Is it free there? I thought they’d be on the Starbucks T-Mobile system, but I did see some sign on the door.

Some hotels work, not sure of any in this area specifically.

Park in front of my house. lol

Same here. Good signal in the driveway, I’m sure.

hotel on dingens by the onramp for the 190 in front of the lancer ct apartments in depew.