French, who talks it? Need translate.

Qu est-ce tu fait ce soir?
Moi…J’aurai un soiree dans my chambre…sans pantalons.

tu me manques.

I tried babel fish but her french is a bit sloppy… what’s it say?

what you doing tonight

me im having a party in my house/bedroom …without pants

you manbeast


im pretty rusty

but here goes

what are you doing tonight
me, im going to be in bed, no pants

you (something)
good night

just dont remember what manques is

so… did i just score?


thats basically it. But I think the “no pants” part translates differently.

if it translates any differently, its more aggresive and more in newmans favor

french chicks have no inhabitions, they are sweet

official translation from a french canadian:

what are you doing tonight?

me… im having a dance party in my room… pantless.

i miss you


its not i miss you

its something like… you are a wild sex machine ( manbeast )

canadian girls with real mullets rock my world.

:lol: nice…

i havent taken french since i lived in toronto…but yeah thats what she meant …

Fucking n00bs!!


the last hot chick i saw was on my way to some restaurant in Paris… when I finally caught up to her she stunk and was like 50, with the body of an 18 yr old.

if its a french canadian you need to do things that you will never speak of again to her.

demeaning kinds of things.

i hate french canadians.
fucking frogs.

“pomme de terre”

anything? (could be a typo)

grab me here

or some fancy food, like potatoes


“Apple of the earth”

Voulez-vous mangez un poutine vegetarien au restaurant Mondo-Fritz avec moi? Mais vous devez payer pour moi et rendre visite moi aussi.
haha je suis plaisante mais quand je rentre à Niagara Falls, nous devons regarder un film.

french ppl stink to high heaven

peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

and shave ur underarms also.

anyone translate this crap? ^^^