Any other fellow frolfers on here? I started getting into it this summer, doubt I will ever get to the point where I will buy one of those disc backpacks with like 20+ discs but its fun to kill a few hours.

I prefer to call myself a disc golfer… but whatever floats your boat. I know a few guys that play as well.

my girlfriend works at beaver island she said theres a ton of people that play that shit i guess they got a huge course there

Yea I been meaning to go their but I only been at the como and chestnut ridge park courses.

best park around is chestnut ridge.
I usually end up par or +/- 1
I heard chestnut ridge is one of the best parks in the states,actually

Ha yeah its a good way to kill some time with friends that quickly becomes a addiction. Ive played a few corses around western newyork but I love chestnut ridge by far probably because i live 2 minutes from it and i play it almost daily if you ever see a black 5.0 there say hi im always down to play with new people.

Yeah I played at chestnut last weekend and ended up with -2 from the white tee’s. I just dont like that some of the hole map/diagrams are missing so you don’t know what par the hole is so I just make them par 4s.
Como’s fun until you reach the creek holes or lose one in the brush and search forever to find it. I like just playing the front 7 twice.

i have yet to play como and its real close to my house, maybe ill go there today or tomorrow cause im off… AND FOR FUCK’S SAKE ITS DISC GOLF!! jk im not really angry

hell yeah, I love frolf :tup:

haven’t been out in a month or so though