FS: 1990 240sx.....WTB: 240sx / 180sx

i have a 1990 240, the engine is f*cked, not exactly to sure whats wrong with it, but coolant doesnt want to stay out of the engine, but its for sale, the car is in decent shape, it has seats, exhaust, 266 thousand km’s on the car itself, looking to get maybe between 1500 and 2 grand possibly, and as well im looking for another 240, or a 180 to buy, it has to be low km’s and it excellent running condition :slight_smile: pm me back…

How’s the body?? Any more pics of it, interior, exterior??

Is there rust and if yes how much? and more pic’s plz.

there is a few more pics…

the car is a 5 speed, the clutch was new when i bought it 10 months ago, so was the starter and the alternator was rebuilt, the interior is in very nice shape, it has blizzack winter tires as well as summer tires, i am probably going to be selling the tires separate though, so if anyone is interested in those as well pm me back, they were only used this past winter, i have never had any problems with this car at all until recently the engine stopped working, im am buying another 240 this weekend most likely, so this one will sit there until sold…it has a brand new jvc mp3 deck in it, infinity door speakers and pioneer bullet rear speaker, i may be taking the deck out and selling it separate, but if anyone is interesed in this car you can just give me a call (951-7991)


ok so i know whats wrong with the engine, and why coolant keeps coming in…

Timing belt : Timing-chain tensioner tends to fail, damaging the timing cover and allowing coolant to leak into the oil pan. (1990)

so if anyone knows how much this would be to fix, then buy my car, and fix it :tonqe:

well pretty much need a new timing chain replacement kit to solve that problem… cant just change a tensioner… well u can but it really isnt worth it…its gets pretty pricy unless u can do it urself then its cheap

how is the body/frame? i`m looking for a 240 and i want to swap in the sr20 so i dont mind engine problems. On that note does anyone know of a good shop to get the swap done? or suppliers to pick up the engine at?


i have heard nothing but good things about autodreams in calgary that would most likely be your best bet…

AUTODREAM is were its at i just had my swap done for cheap cheap go there they get you done quick

so theres all the body damage, if anyone is interested just message me…