FS: 1995 contour cheap

I baught this car for a daily driver and it still has not let me down…

Just changed the oil like 300 miles ago. newer pads and rotors, tires are ok. the body is kinda shitty but not horrible some rust and a few dents. mechanically the car is good to my knowledge. newer plugs and wires too.

the exhaust leaks at the flex pipe kinda bad but nothing worth caring about well atleast i didnt. maybe nys will but who cares, jsut take it to hybrid and im sure they can fix it in 5 min

it has 110000k. like i said, still waiting to find a problem with it. it temp gague runs at a higher normal operating temp, but its been that way since i baught it. it has never overheated. it used to be cougerspeeds winter car if anyone remembers it. NO AC but the heat works :slight_smile:

price: 700 BO

bump bump bumptacular