FS: 2003 Lexus IS300

I’ve had it on Autotrader for almost three weeks now, as well as the Buffalo News even though they suck for classifieds.

Here’s a link to the Autotrader ad.

Larger pictures are available if needed. So far I’ve only had two serious people interested and one very questionable one who barely speaks English. Current mileage is 21,088 I believe. Asking $23,500.

I know the car very well it is awsome!! Bump for a good seller :wink:

wasn’t someone looking for one of these?


Hey, its a manual, too… Free bump.


morning bump

oh ill trade u my maxima…i want an IS300 so bad

yea i love that car.

where is dos on this?

isnt he selling everything he has because of some issue? if he cant afford to keep his seats and wb, i doubt he will buy a $23000 car.

he is selling for a stupid reason…


keep us updated if the car is sold or something…

deff a great car…very clean…and a great seller…

good luck on the sale bri…

you’re stupid


these are some of the best looking cars to ever leave a factory

minus the tezzas

false, the Tezzas were so good that they caused a fad. They’re hot

Good looking car btw

tezzas were out before the IS300. They just don’t look right on the black/blue models. On the white/silver I could let it slide.




actually the Euro clone of the car which was out before the IS 300 was available here in the states was called the Altezza, with said “altezza” lights, that started the “cool” fad.
Sweet ride, by buddy has a graphite one, smooth ride, pimp interior, all around a very classy and sporty foh doh.

I didn’t know they actually had the Toyota Altezza in the states, I thought it was only in Japan.

The tezzas looks best if you have the SportDesign package. Those come smoked and look incredible on black.