FS 86 s10 built 4.3v6 5speed manual

86 s10 2wd standard cab short bed. many new parts including battery, brake lines, ebrake cables, and cats. the motor was reubilt about 9 years ago the machine work was done by gorden motors. it has a mild cam, lt1 pistons, quadrajet carb, true dual exsaust. the truck was stored in a barn until i bought it last year and i have drove it everyday as my daily and i have had no problems.the truck also comes with some spare parts.

im asking 1300 OBO and im open to trades

pics, and im assuming its TBI?

nope its not tbi its carbed and it has less then 10K on the rebuilt engine

holy fuckin clean! GLWS!! :tup:

yeah, this shit is CLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNNNN. i stopped to check it out a few weeks ago when it was for sale on the corner of milestrip and angle…fucking NICE ASS truck for its age. if it was a 4cyl i would have bought it

u lookin to get anotha truck

i already have another truck (to low for snow) im jsut looking for a winter truck or car. but for trades im open to all s10s and sonomas or any gm cars with a 4 banger and a 5speed

I want this thing, I need to scrape together another few hundred dollars and then we can talk, hopefully you still have it.

i do still have it and its being inspected this week and it will be all set to go

bump need to sell so i can get a 4banger wintercar

bump 1100

worth the money!

nice truck!



Still have this thing?

yea whats up with this VERY INTERESTED

bump yes still for sale first 800 takes it

damn its too nice for a winter beater

free bump :tup: