FS: 91 Toyota Supra *PRICE DROP*

91 Toyota Supra blk/blk NA/auto
225k miles running and needs nothing. Daily driven in summer, garaged winters (no rust!!!)
All original except stereo. Lots of Potential! :number1
$3,300 obo

also for sale 2.5L 1JZ twin turbo engine, auto trans, harness, and ecu. Complete swap for MK3 Supra or SC300 (14k miles on engins/trans)
$2,800 obo

Have all parts for complete JDM Supra 2.5GT Twin Turbo conversion, everything but the right hand drive. :wow
Not Actual Vehicle

Pictures of the actual car before spoiler & still with stock hood…

This stuff has to go…
PM if interested

not interested really, but pics would help

workin on it… probably this weekend

what is a supra gtr?

lol… u think he meant skyline gtr,

but sonofabitch, if there were more parts readily avalible at a lower price than they are now, i’d grab it

I know what a Skyline GTR is. Im listing it for someone else… I think he meant 2.5GT


looks pretty damn clean, and nice except for that funny looking thing where the shifter should be :crackup

The engine swap is an auto too. It would make a sweet drag car


bump… :sleep


wow, i havent seen this thread. Thats a REAL Nice lookin car.
I would probably consider this if i had the money