FS: 91 TSI 89k - 2k MUST SELL!!!

Selling this for a guy… it has to be gone this week. He already has offers but is obviously looking for the best offer.

91 TSI (5spd non AWD)
Grey Cloth
BONE STOCK UN-ABUSED - no mods ever!
All Maint. records (he is pretty sure the 60k was done, but hasn’t checked the receipts)

This guy is moving out of state, and has to sell. Lives in Eden right off of the thruway. If anyone wants to check it out I will go with them cause I personally have not seen the car yet. THIS IS NOT MY CAR. I was interested until I found out it wasn’t AWD… but this is still a great car from what I was told.

Comes with a non turbo parts car w/ blown engine (I think the t-belt jumped a tooth and fucked up the DOHC head), has title for parts car.

Parts car has 4 BRAND NEW tires

The TSI has never seen a winter, no rust and good condition. Good Clutch/Tranny shifts great.

Call - Jim @ 337-3702, tell him Jack with the VR4 told you.

yea, I called for that car yesterday, but I was pretty much on my way out the door to go to Rochester to see a few other dsm’s when I talked to him…I’m willing to go take a look at it, but I dunno when I would be able to…maybe tomorrow or friday if it’s not sold by then

im gonna buy it, break it, and then take it to hybrid for don to fix :slight_smile:

gun do it, gun do it, gun do it, do it, do it.

so you gun do it?

if only it was awd i need a good winter beater

i believe its been sold :stuck_out_tongue:

is this truth?

from what i heard last nite :gotme:

PM me the detailz of :snky: purchaser… leak


I’m pretty sure the purchaser isn’t :snky:


Its funny cause when I called the guy, he was on the other line with :snky: … he thought it was funny cause we both work in Amherst, and live in Cheektowaga.

how do you know this guy Jack??? He was a little:gay:

I don’t know him. Saw it in the paper, thought it was cheap, gave him a call, :snky: was on the other end, when he called back I got the details and told him it is probably worth more than what he is asking. I told him I could put it up on here for him as a favor to the NYSPEED group, and see if he’d be able to fetch a couple extra dollars.

How did it look anyways? Good deal?

hahahaha…this snky snky girl just bought the car last night :wink: I saw it in the paper and called right away

congrat on the new car