FS: 95 Talon AWD TSI - 2nd owner

My friend is thinking about selling his Talon in a few weeks. Its color is dark greenish, around 66K miles, new tranny and clutch, and replaced ball joints. Turbo (TSI AWD). Any offers?

1995 TALON TSI AWD 66K – don’t quote me on mileage, but its close to that figure . . . and to be honest it may be a '96.

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you can tell by reading the description where it says clutch, instead of clutches or clutch pack.

Pics? If you wan’t you can e-mail them to me, and I will host.

My friend selling it will be out of town from 17th-24th. He’s going to begin looking for a car after that time frame. When pics are available, I’ll let you know. Thanks. And yes JACK, 5spd. I’ve been his DD and I will tell you that it is a fun car to drive.

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kbb in good condition is 4200, i’ll offer 4,000 if proper maintenance has been done (timing belt, oil changes, all that good stuff)

let me know i’m very interested and have money, and am ready to pickup my daily driver/winter car as soon as the right one pops up. If he wants to talk prices have him contact me. email: [email=“jvtoomey@nanodynamics.com”]jvtoomey@nanodynamics.com or cell 380-1382

Would this be the talon in the swap sheet does he live in buffalo?