FS: Gongs (AR500 steel targets)


I’ll take the 12, 8 and 6. How much and when can I pick them up.


$110.00 Anytime. My home is in EA, I am there at night if that works better than Springville during the day.


Springville works for me. How’s tomorrow afternoon.


That would be great. Thanks!

8798 North Street.


Ran out of time today b4 work. Sorry.


No worries. They are here ready for pick up anytime.


Hi wondering if you still would cut up some targets?


Sure, what are you looking for?


I was looking for two 2 hole 3", one 6" and one 8". They are 1/2" plate correct?


I would probably be in for (2) 6" (1) 8" and (1) 12" if you are making these again. Any chance to put a price together for each size?


OK so…

I only have 5pcs. of the 4" at the moment 1/2" thick and 1pc. of the silhouette 1/2" thick.

My water jet operator is a slacker and is on vacation again so it will be a while before we cut more.

Expressway Automotive in Boston has some for sale. (There is actually a gun store there but his water jet sign maker has not made the sign yet. :slight_smile: )
His name is Dave May, the shop is right next to Tim Horton’s. It is super easy to get to, right off 219.
He currently has 3pcs. of the 6", 6pcs. of the 4", and 6pcs. of the 3".

Let me know if you have any other requests for my next production run. (I will definitely cut some 6", 8" and 12")


I’ll buy some on the next run if you can ship them


I can ship. Although the good Part of buying local on these is because hey are heavy and cost a bit to ship.


I’m in no rush, its for a spring project. I still have to clear some trees and make a backstop so I can wait.

Can you put up a new price list the other one has disappeared.


Do they fit in a flat-rate box?


flat rate is where its at. I’ve shipped breaks this way on the cheap.


I wish I had land to shoot on down here… I’d buy a bunch



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Blastin season is coming up.


Just picked up 2 more lowers to build. Need some plinking targets.


Can you post or pm me a price for the 6,8,12 you plan on making?