Gun Crowd, lets go shooting

I’m back from the desert, happen to have 100 rounds for the AR, and have another few hundred ready to go into the press. Who is in the mood to go to the swamps and shoot some stuff? no date yet, maybe the 13th?

Id love to go, dont have any weapons of my own, but will bring ammo of my own if people want to let me shoot theirs.

100 rounds?! lol. 3 1/3 mags go really fast…

i’m in for a morning/early afternoon

I do need to finish getting the .243 sighted in

100 rounds is the dust left at the bottom of my plinker reloads. There are 500 on the table ready to get bullets pressed in, just gotta get off my butt. I also have an aimpoint 3x magnifier, waiting on my larue mount, but i would like to take it out to see how that works.

The_Russian, If you want to buy brass cased .223 remington, you can shoot the AR all you like.

I’d be game i have 2 ar’s and a few hundred rounds.

i’d be down, if someone would let me borrow one in exchange for me purchasing a bunch of ammo?

got any old optics you want to get rid of?
i think i might have to shave my front sight down.

Thank you sir will do.

I dont know where this place is though.

No optics yet, still getting my new toys running, but I might in the future.

I can make a map to the swamps, its not too bad, 30 min from grand island, its about 10 from lockport.

I am also interested. I have been trying to figure out how accurate the M4 is at a distance greater than 50 yards.

im down been wanting to take the AR out for some out door shooting, the range is fun but nothing like being outside.

I don’t have a mass of weapons but I can definitly get a few together.

.45USP H+K
.22 Marlin’s (Plinkers)
Assorted shotguns
30-06 maybe

let me know a place and time and I’ll see if I can make the trip up from the deep south (Olean)

Range here, lets do sunday the 13th at the range:grouphug:

I have my M4 and im primed to shoot the shit out of something.

I’m in!

the ones by salt rd?

wow alot of ar owners thats awesome. I’m considering getting one myself but haven’t found enough usage to back up spending the ~$1,000 or so… if anyone has something I can shoot i’ll bring plenty of rounds

the swamps rule nice n open out there I go with my dad n brother quite often. people use some random shit for targets out there.

wow, that is much closer to me than i thought.

what time is good for everyone?