FS: Gongs (AR500 steel targets)

A member on here requested pricing to water jet cut targets. After mentioning it to some other people I realized there may be some local demand so we made a few 1/2" thick out of AR500 steel.
Pricing attached.

Thx. I’ll take a 6 and 8 inch. Will you be at Cars & Coffee in that’s green machine?

This is awesome news and perfect timing. My buddy and I want to commit to more trigger time this year. I’ll need at least one 3" for our 1000 yd setup!

Maybe I need to step up my game. 3" at 1000 yd. Can I come shoot where you do!

Yes. You get 3 tries and if you miss, we send you away.

I will be at cars and coffee in one car or the other. I will throw some in the trunk, I hope this is OK with the organizer. We will keep it :snky:

3"? maybe from 1000" for me. :slight_smile:

You bring the ding and I’ll bring the lead. Should spice up the crowd at 9 a.m.

I totally flaked out this am. I left in such a hurry I forgot the f’ing targets!!!
Sorry guys, I will hook up with you.

No problem. Saw you come in (hard to miss) and never got a chance to say hi.

I just stumbled on this thread. I might be interested in picking up a 12" from you at next C&C. Let me talk to a buddy and I’ll get back to you.

I will try to remember to take some this time. :frowning:

Awesome. I need to get the range back in shape

I still need some of these @Blue_Eyed_Devil Can I put an order in or are you stocking them.

Me too. By buddy and I were just going over the sizes last couple weeks.

At home I have one 6", three 3" and one 2".

I will check at work to see what else I have.

Looking for a 12,8,6 all round.

I May have those at the plant. I will check.

I gotta get out and try mine some more. It’s the 12" unit. The gong held up great at 100 yds against 7.62x54R and 8mm Mauser. The rickety structure we built that holds the gong did not. Haha

Norb I usually use black 1/2 inch gas line to make the structure. Holds up pretty well unless it gets a direct hit to the pipe.

I have a 12", an 8", some 6" and a bunch of smaller ones.