FS: LACOSTE SHIRTS (aligator logo)

For those of you THAT ARE INTERESTED, you know that the biggest trend is Lacoste shirts because they are so rare and expensive. They have the aligator logo on the front.
Until Tony Walker started selling them, you could only find them in major cities (miami, la, nyc, toronto). Tony Walker sells them for $72 to $87/ apiece. . . and anything on ebay is probably fake.
My buddy just got a job in NYC as a Lacoste vendor, and I can get the shirts for $35 bucks, original tags, and bagged in Lacoste bags. If you are interested, and I get enough people, I can set up a location for you Lacoste shopping needs . . . . let me know.

Wow, they’re bringin’ the old school back.

Let me know if you do this

i was unaware that this was the biggest trend. i’ll have to jump onboard.

is that like dressing “more gooder”?

and im with newman… i’ll take 10, i need to be cool too.

Those aligator shirts weren’t that expensive when I was wearing them… when I was 5 yrs old… Fucking “trends”.

You had me at hello :roll2:

dressing good would be wearing nothing because you gave your clothes to homeless people.

now are these the shirts with the slightly larger collars?

i need as much collar as possible so when i flip it up, it stays up.

haha like that homeless guy outside of panos trying to sell you earings??

rare? they were all over the galleria mall yesterday.

that seems like a good price, if i wore lacoste

let me know if ur friend can get polo cheap

Go downtown and see everydude wearing them…sweet. Yes I do own a couple, I like them, I bought them over a year ago and they were hard to find. Now I feel ghey wearing them downtown. Theres like a million auctions for them on ebay now, probably knockoffs or whatever. Yes I have pics of me at like 5 yrs old rocking one. They must of been cheap back then cause my rents were not buying me expensive clothes.

Haven’t I seen these at the Lacoste store in the Niagara Falls Factory Outlet for MUCH less than $75? I think I have.

Since when is Lacoste considered dressing well (or “good” if you have no sense of grammar)? :roll2:

Why are they considered such a great trend due to their supposed rarety and high price??? WHO SHOPS LIKE THAT?! Firstly, they aren’t rare. Something that is no longer made might be rare, but they make these things by the thousands every day. Sorry, they’re not rare. Are they able to be sold by stores in upperclass neighborhoods for much more than they’re really worth? Absolutely, because people with low self-esteem feel that if they wear the “cool” clothing, they won’t get picked on by people that they feel are superior.

Ugh. That whole mentality drives me nuts. Style is NOT a label. Styles come and go. Quality, on the other hand, remains something that people are willing to pay for. Quality may be tracked by brand names, to a degree. Brand “X” may make some great products, so you know you can repeatedly buy things from them and receive the same quality every time. I tend to buy brand-name items based on their quality AND style. It drives me nuts when people buy things STRICTLY based on the label.

Kate likes to say I am a label whore, because I tend to buy Sony electronics. But, I point out that I buy Sony when I feel they can supply the best bang for the buck, with the quality I am comfortable with. I don’t buy Sony speakers. I don’t buy Sony PDAs. I don’t buy Sony cell phones. So, to me, I’m not a complete Sony devotee.

When it comes to clothing, I tend to buy Gap, but I’m not opposed to A&F, Dockers, stuff from TJ Maxx and Target, or even Old Navy once in awhile. I couldn’t care less if the name is visible. I know that my Gap button-downs and pants won’t fall apart after washing them 10 times. That’s what is important to me.

i just bought these pants from the gap and they ripped on a seam after the first wear:
they fit really awesome, and look better on me :stuck_out_tongue:


I know the quality of the specific shirts and pants I usually get from Gap. I can’t attest to the quality of their other products, ESPECIALLY GIRL CLOTHES!! GIRL!!!


Welcome to last year…

i met the old ceo of that company not to long ago :snky:

lol these are popular now? wtf… yea i had those almost 20 yrs ago when i was like 5… some trends i will never understand

tony walker has had lacoste polo shirts for lil over a year now

the most irratating trend is ironic t-shirt’s from A+F or whereever they stem from…

“handy’s job shop” or stupid shit like that. TFUCKINGDOWN

i remember those when i was a wee-lil-kid, lol

and weren’t they actually Izod shirts back in teh day and lacoste just bought 'em out?