FS: Mustang part out or trade


Here’s the deal. I bought a 95 mustang for my swap endeavors. I kinda feel bad cutting up a CLEAN 95 when someone could benefit from the pre-obd inspection aspect of this car. Absolutely no rust. The paint is faded and interior is mostly beat, but the good parts are good. V6, 5 speed. Clean title, not in my name, obvs

My current plan is to sit on it for a few weeks and see if anyone wants to trade me for a 96+ mustang plus cash for this one. Then I’m going to part out whatever mustang I have down to a rolling chassis, more or less.

I’m keeping basically everything that’s required to drive it less the engine.



BUMP. Selling the whole car now.

Since the volvo got smashed a week after this post the mustang has just been sitting untouched. It ran when parked. Doesn’t run now though. Has fuel and spark afaik. New coil pack and cam sensor.

Current pics here: https://rochester.craigslist.org/cto/d/north-chili-1995-mustang-v6-5-speed/6859599454.html