FS: The Vette

I think all the details are in there…


[email=“StealTTh@msn.com”]StealTTh@msn.com for questions

thanks guys

Why? :frowning:

Probably moving out of the house finally and school loans have kicked in. Time to cut the payments :frowning:

Damn… I’m sorry. Goodluck! I’ve always liked how your car looked

thanks, im gonna miss it for sure.

ahh what the hell … priorities suck but you gotta do what you gotta do. bump.

sorry to hear

good luck selling the 3rd best looking yellow car in buffalo :frowning:

any plans on a new car? possibly coming back to the 3S community? :stuck_out_tongue:

goodluck with the sale. very nice car.

:bsflag: AWD TT car is on zee way

not sure what i’m going to do. Something a lot cheeper for now. I was looking at 3S’s, but I think i’m gonna go with something else.

Sorry to see it go… Good luck on the sale.

bump for a good seller and a clean car :tup:

Is that a two seater?

(inside joke)

sorry to see it go … but first thing that came to mind when i saw the ebay link was “best pics ever in an ebay auction”

Bummer Jon… Good luck with the sale. I am sure (and from the looks of things) that you will have no problem selling it.

Let’s hope not… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to hear, thats a sweet ride. Good call though gotta keep your priorities straight, more fast cars can come later on in life :slight_smile:

:tup: very great guy here

Thanks guys. 2 bids on it so far for ebay and 2 emails were sent as well. Keepin the fingers crossed…even though i’m hoping that somehow I dont sell it and at the very moment the auction is up, I win the lottery.